Reading Activity

A couple of years ago I gave away almost all my fysical books. Before that moment I had been building quite the little library and kept buying anything that I thought was interesting to read some day. But my growing collection made me feel more and more anxious about the number of pages I still had to read, a cleanup seemed like the best reset.

Right after the purge all was great, but over time more and more books started to pile up on the shelves again. So it was time for another approach. This time, I am dedicating to reading everything that is on the shelves and not purchasing anything new until I’ve read through what I have available. At the moment that is still sort-of overseeable, so it still feels like a challenge and not something completely unreasonable like my situation before the purge.

To hopefully help get a better grasp of how I am making progress I started logging the books I’ve been reading on this domain.

The interesting thing about this approach is that it will get more challenging with time. At the beginning I got to read through books like the The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but at some point I will have to dive into Pale Fire and The Divine Comedy. So fingers crossed for this new approach 🤞.